a meditation to release your premeditative mind

duration: 10-15 minutes


find a comfortable seat. 

eyes slip shut.

turn your attention to the breath. 

let yourself see the darkness behind your eyes. 

as you inhale, imagine a dimmer switch attached to you lungs.

light begins to gradually enter your visions as you sip in air. 

let a room (real or imagined) reveal itself in your mind's eye. at the top of the inhalation, the room is fully lit. you see it all - every last detail. the room is vivid, the light is bright.

exhale, let the image slowly dissipate. let the darkness gradually erase this room little by little. the room disappears as the light lessens.

with each consecutive breath cycle continue to light up new rooms.

allow yourself to construct these rooms: small, expansive, colorful, abandoned, grandiose. allow your imagination to craft without premeditation. the spaces reveal themselves moment-to-moment, just like your breath. 

I first encountered this mediation/visualization in a dance class. During the warm up, we began by connecting with our breath and awakening our imaginations. 

What I loved about the exercise was the feedback it gave me about my mind's desire to pre-meditate.

To prepare, control, and plan. 

Before I finish exhaling, I've often prepared a room from my past to begin illuminating on the next cycle. the challenge is to let that desire go, and see each detail as the room lightens.

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