a poem to help comprehend the persistence of imperfection.  


When I'm honest about it... 

my darkness: 

     the bitter pitfalls, unshakable habits, not-good-enoughs, 

     my "tells" that reveal: I'm just an imposter, improvising my way through. 

feels inextricably entangled in

my light: 

    the radiance, sweet gestures, grandiose imaginings

    my endless enthusiasm that serves: myself and others.


When I'm honest about it... 

their entanglement feels like a knot 

of gnarled hair, 

a strand of coiled jewelry 

that will never be unraveled.

even with my utmost





Despite my work to

identify and understand their intricacy, 

strategically locate my darkness

so it may be righted and lightened -- 

when I'm honest about it...

I know the network of twists + turns 

exist at a complexity within me 

that make separation

an impossibility. 

If then, their unraveling

is a fantasy. 

if their entanglement is here to stay... 


What I want to believe

is that entanglement (eventually)

feels like an embrace


The way limbs over limbs 

folding into one another 

morphing into one 

complete entity 

synchronistic, symbiotic

body held by other body 



The way skin on skin - 

a collapse into flesh 

with its gentle compression - 

feels like:

a puzzle piece 

feels like: 


feels like:

"this must be the place." 


More than anything, 

I want to believe this about the labyrinth

that is my darkness and light

my weakness and strength 

my fears and victories 

my shame and dreams


What I want to believe 

is that entanglement

won't always feel like a madness that needs unraveling 

but rather, an interwoven necessity 

essential to my wholeness. 

I want to believe that entanglement (one day)

will feel like an embrace.