Hey, May… 

Spring has not only arrived now, but fully blossomed. There’s an invigorating smell to the air and the sun makes an appearance more often. We can feel the energetic shift of everyone in the city. (Ok it's definitely not all butterflies and flowers - part of me is seriously wondering how we even got FIVE months into the year already? #sendhelp)

I’m working on being more conscious, taking into account, the natural energetic shifts of seasons and letting them guide my choices and practices for daily life. Before I get into what is exciting me about this new month, I wanted to share a little story I learned from our incredible guest lecturer at The Academy of Healing Nutrition this month, Nam Singh


Spring is a time of awakening in our lives.. It begins on the Vernal Equinox (that was March 20th!) The energy is building. It’s the time to plan the thing’s you’re going to do for the rest of the year as we leave the season of rest + replenishment (Winter) behind.

This I certainly felt: an uplifting shift, a budding willpower, the sprouting of ideas, and the sense that there is finally the urge to act on them. 

Then it’s time to rewrite the plan. Revise it. Discuss it. Rewrite it, again. 


Nam Singh told us that Spring is divided into two parts.

The first part is about planning and patience, while the second is about taking action on that carefully contemplated, meticulously articulated, plan at an opportune moment. He illustrated the need for this division of season with a Chinese myth...

In Chinese folklore, it is said that at the beginning of spring, the dragon who sleeps at the bottom of the lake begins to wake up, as evidenced by the ice on the surface beginning to crack. This is the beginning half of spring, where plans are budding, your energy is gathering. But - we don’t act on those ideas quite yet...

Towards the end of Spring is called The Dragon’s Tail. As the dragon awakens more fully, he will crack his tail like a whip. We should imagine the season like the movement of the dragon’s tail. As the dragon whips his tail, it undulates backwards towards his body at first, and then he cracks it forward with great energy and power. It is the second half of spring - where the dragon releases the momentum he’s gathered - when we should act on our plans. We will ride them out into the world with greater momentum this way; with the energy of the season helping to carry them forward.

Much like running with the wind, catching a wave towards the shore, or the whip of a dragon's tail, there is an element of timelines that is so, so essential to Spring, which I hadn't honored before.

I feel it now though; we’ve reached the peak, the height, where the momentum is ready to carry all those wonderful ideas and actions forward into the summer months. Let em’ loose light beams.





1. Morning Beverages:

Spring is the season to lighten our load, get things moving, clear them out, start fresh. I’ve picked up these two new teas to incorporate into a morning ritual rather than always reaching for coffee straight away.



  • Be Well’s Get Clean Tea // I fell in love with this 3-part detox tea. How cute is the stacking container? Each part comes off to make it’s own little canister. I thought it was hella creative. I have used Be Well's All Day Get Clean blend before (the middle canister) but I adore how they’ve mindfully separated the teas into the three parts of your day! I bought this at Whole Foods, but you can find it here, as well.

Highlight ingredients from each blend: 

  • AM - dandelion - cleanses toxins from bloodstream
  • ALL DAY - milk thistle - supports and aids detoxification of liver
  • PM - schizandra berries - great for beautifying the skin and is one of the rare adaptogens that nourishes you mind, body, and soul. 


  • Super Herb Dandelion and Vanilla Tea // Dandelion root is great for gently cleansing our livers, which we want to stimulate at this time of year. The same way you might want to clean out your closet at Spring, we want lighten up internally, as well! 

2. Waterside Thoughts: 

Spring offers us freshness. It's the perfect opportunity to rise earlier for a gentle morning walk, and breathe in the season.

I decided to wander over to this little alcove of a place off Grand St. in Williamsburg the other night. There is a gorgeous view of the water, and there’s a good stretch of rocks + boulders you can enjoy sitting on as you look out onto the East River. It was ridiculously peaceful. I put on a ‘Chill’ Spotify radio station (something I usually don’t listen to as I’m searching for beats to play in class at SLT) and put my phone into Do Not Disturb mode.

It. Was. Bliss.

I've decided to try to make it there in the mornings now. The ritual is certainly evolving, but I think it’s something I would like to do throughout the season.

Rise early. Sit by the water. 

Being near a body of water - actually close to it, without a fence separating or blocking me feels incredibly cleansing; something I need more of these days. Also space to hear myself think, without emails pinging or the background conversation of a coffee shop. Just some good ol’ earth around. 




1. Emily Lambert Photography: 

I literally had the most fun last Thursday shooting some new images with Emily Lambert and Brad Laskey. They are both absolute dreams + know how to make a girl feel gorgeous. I left the day feeling seen, heard, and genuinely filled with inspiration from two individuals who are living their creative passion.

We played around in nature and took advantage of the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. They’re both eloquent collaborators: able to give you clear decisions, articulate their vision + tastes, all while fully integrating your desires and opinions as the client. I walked away with a deep appreciation for everyone pursuing their crafts here in the city, all seeking what works best for us.

Here’s to celebrating one another on what an amazing job we’re doing!

But seriously, if you need headshots or branding photos — GO! Reach out to me and I can give you all da deets.


Photo courtesy of  Courtney Romano

Photo courtesy of Courtney Romano


2. Dream. Set. Make.

My first intensive/retreat of the creative nature is THIS weekend! Kara and Courtney are leadership goddesses - and I felt a calling to be present at their 3-Day Dream.Set.Make. retreat in the Hamptons to zero-in and find clarity.

Dream. Set. Make is the creative person’s version of Ready. Set. Go. and the workshop creates an atmosphere where you dive into your creative, intuitive impulse and practice transforming your intuition into external action.

I will be blogging and Insta-storying all about it - but you can expect to find a full rundown of my takeaways/breakthroughs on the blog soon after! I can’t wait to meet all of the other creatives — some coming all the way from the west coast.

Sound like your kinda vibe? Learn more —> here.



SLT is currently hosting their Spring Express Challenge.

That’s 3 classes a week, for 3 weeks.

9 classes to run into summer so strong by MDW. Can you commit? 

I love kicking it up a notch, and making it a priority to consistently get that burn in. It’s time to be challenged with consistency. 

If you didn’t get to sign up - no worries! Go for it anyways. Hold yourself accountable. 

Use the hashtag #SLTchallenge to share your progress. 

Stay tuned — I’ll be subbing quite a bit this month both at Flatiron and Upper East side in addition to my regular classes at Soho and the Upper West Side!

Photo courtesy of SLT

Photo courtesy of SLT

Other Things I’m Digging: 


Trying Natural Deodorant:

The time has come! Wish me luck.

This is the one I’m starting with. If you have recommendations please get at me! 

photo courtesy of  Primally Pure

photo courtesy of Primally Pure



Eating Evolved Coconut Cups:

keep in the fridge to become truly addicted. 

image courtesy of  T hrive Market

image courtesy of Thrive Market




Blindfolds, chanting, flowing, visuals.

The studio itself has a planetarium vibe (that I was ALL about #nostalgia), and felt like a space where wild revelations most definitely occur. There were numerous methods utilized + a team teaching experience ensured there were extra eyes for guidance/hands-on adjustments.

Cute doggie (Shapiro) and Insta-worthy cafe space sealed the deal for me; can't wait for my next go-around! 




 I was in love with this Anthropologie mug at first sight.

Perfect for tea, coffee, elixirs, bone broth - heck - smoothies even! It felt, 'on brand.' 

Photo courtesy of  Anthropologie

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

What are you excited about in May?

Do you have an itch for change?

Comment below, or write me at enchantedbysunlight@gmail.com.