For the multi-passionate, multi-hyphenate, all-over-the-place-curious, who can't help but feel like the cards are stacked against her interests. Here's an alternative multidisciplinary guru to hold tight to your heart and enshrine in your mind. 


I’m still doing my best to dismantle the Master-Of-All-Trades archetype

who resides in my subconscious as t h e  g o l d e n  s t a n d a r d . 


My belief in the Master-Of-All-Trades 

leads me into exhaustion — without fail

from not having enough time to "tend to it all."

Leads me into attacking the parts of myself — the successful parts— simply because I chose to invest effort there, rather than here.

Leads me to subscribe to accelerated timelines of information acquisition 

rather than allowing my knowledge to ripen into wisdom. 


I know better, but the illusion is just so damn tantalizing. 


And while, the Master-Of-All-Trades may be a figment, there is a multidisciplinary guru who is grounded in reality, history even. The mistake I make is enshrining the p h o t o s h o p p e d  version of The Renaissance Man — an archetype who is alive and grounded in reality around me. 


The Renaissance Man, in contrast, is not an anomaly, 

and is always, 



because he, unlike the hasty and impatient Master-Of-All-Trades,

believes nothing is untouchable, 

age is irrelevant,

and happens to be immune to the illusion of  f a l l i n g  b e h i n d .


So time and again, I’m doing my best to introduce this

true and trusted, humble and patient Renaissance Man 

as  t h e  g o l d e n  s t a n d a r d

for myself.


My belief in The Renaissance Man leads me into multiple and enduring victories 

because he encourages my mind to stay fluid, 

to blend and incorporate my knowledge from multiple disciplines
as it comes, when it comes, in due time.

He reminds me of my vastness, to hold contradictions and similarities within my same body for the greater good of objective thinking. 

But best of all, he validates the worth of stepping outside any one box, skillset, or mindset

in the name of connecting the dots, and the feelings, and the people.